Prince Rupert’s Drops


Prince Rupert’s Drops were a NYC secret told to us by Chris Millstein of Kim’s Video and Music. Once we were tipped-off and saw them live we knew that they had that special ‘beyond’ thing for which our ears always strive. And now we couldn’t be more psyched, nor could it be more fitting, that we got the opportunity in November 2012 to release PRD’s very first album as our very first release as a label. Run Slow is guitar music, it’s melodic music, it jams, it’s clever, it’s exalted in its distinctiveness. It’s unclassifiable. It’s absolutely timeless.


At the inspired urging of original bassist Brad Truax (Home, Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue, Interpol, to name a few) the somewhat secretive Prince Rupert’s Drops were formed in the Brooklyn of 2005, comprised of acclaimed comics-artist Leslie Stein (guitar, vox), fellow former Broke Revue-er Bruno Meyrick-Jones (guitar, v…Kirsten Nordine (Jantar), turning the musical feast into a rich sonic banquet set to wow the ears of one and all.


“Rare and special is the band that’s just as comfortable writing a catchy 2-minute ditty as playing a 9-minute jammed-out burner. But that’s just the kind of firefly in a bottle Prince Rupert’s Drops have captured on their debut.” – Hidden Track

“It’s a well-steeped cup of mushroom tea, brimming with ragged guitars, drone outs and enough melody to keep the straight interested.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“…the songs of Prince Rupert’s Drops hang together so exquisitely, forming an album that boasts an enormously ear-pleasing equilibrium, equal parts psychedelic strength and folky fragility, balladry merging with badass-ery. Songs long and short, with vocals male and female, merge together in a way that manages to paint a sonic scene of effortless symmetry” – Revolt of the Apes

“The old adage is that good things take time, and while that’s certainly the case with the band’s evolution, it’s also a case of the journey that Run Slow has taken me on personally.” – The Active Listener

“PRD radiates a summery, and at times rootsy, glow that can be pushed to the more burnt end of the spectrum—and back again—without cracking discomfort or losing shape.” – Sunrise Ocean Bender

“Filled with in-the-pocket grooves, dazzling contrasts of acoustic and electric sound, dreamy vocals, and a generous (and always welcomed by me) dose of sitar, Run Slow conjures warm thoughts of my favorite psych-rock albums of the 60s. Yet, perhaps because this album is excellently recorded, mixed, and produced, a modern sound is readily apparent – a vibrant freshness that plants it firmly in the present.“ – A Bit Of Groovy


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