TENGGER’s “Spiritual 2” is out today, friends, and we’re proud to be the ones that get to present it to you. This is meaningful music, healing music, hypnotic music, blissful music. Perfect vibes for the summer.



What people are saying:

“The Seoul duo taps into devotional music’s focused intensity in trance-inducing pieces that draw on new age, krautrock, and folk.” Pitchfork

“TENGGER’s music is not simply hypnotic — their songs actively sound like hypnosis.” Stereogum

“…it sounds like music designed to induce enlightenment.” The FADER

“The amount of imagination and gentle excitement TENGGER brings to Spiritual 2 makes it instantly engaging, meditative, and fun.” All Music

“The drone-prone family band’s sound is build on synths, harmonium and toy instruments but its all works out to some serious bliss bath excursions to another temporal plane.” Raven Sings The Blues

“Spiritual 2 is an abstract album – it extracts and elements from the landscape and reconstitutes color and light.” popbollocks

“When South Korea-based duo TENGGER describe themselves as ‘new age drone magic,’ is as precise a phrase as any to capture their rapturous blend of harmonium, voice, and analogue synthesis.” Dusted