“The album, almost literally, sounds like twisting your radio knob though the FM dial if all stations were dedicated to various styles of psych. Spectral folk, spacerock, weird synth, motorik jams, dub, you name it.“ Brooklyn Vegan

“…eight tasty jams in Valentine’s trademark slow hip-dislocating style.” Tiny Mix Tapes

“MV grinds those sounds down smooth and viscous – melding psychedelic folk, with electronic swamp gas and lighting it on fire with the frantic freak foam of brain-bending guitar. This is Matt as his most potent, burning from the core and set to singe.” Raven Sings The Blues

“…a mind melter of psych vibes.” Brokedown Podcast

“With Preserves, Valentine has sculpted a perfect private-press freak-out record for an era of Internet anxiety and climate-change dread.” AllMusic

“…spaced out funk and digitally contorted psychedelia.“ New Commute