“She plays the acoustic 12-string both with an intensity that is rarely seen outside of the realm of metal, and possesses a Basho-like attention to tone and space.” Record Crates United (September, 2019)

“It’s a wonderous sonic ride into the moment when acoustic sounds blend seamlessly into a cosmic pulse.” Soundblab (September, 2019)

“At its core Intuition sounds like an artist finding her brightest beams while still leaving room to experiment, always rolling away from being pinned down.” Raven Sings the Blues (June, 2019)

“Kendra Amalie’s debut is an ethereal dive into unrestricted psychedelic waters…” Radio Milwaukee (June, 2019)

“Whether she’s dazzling on fingerstyle guitar, singing a sinister pop song, or experimenting with synths and droning feedback, all the elements carry her distinctive stamp and fit together in the strange but welcoming landscape of Intuition.” All Music (September, 2019)

“…an artist to watch.” The Vinyl District (September, 2019)

“The album veers from psychedelia to prog rock with ease, Amalie’s fiery playing the star of the show here.” A Pessimist is Never Disappointed (September, 2019)

A picture book of fluctuating emotions, so to say, saddened from the sky high to the death, all emotional facets are served. Crossfire Metal, (November, 2019)