Sly Vinyl:

“They are talented terrestrials trudging along transcendental trajectories with a great desire that you would join them in their everquesting expedition of an entranced earth. Bring nothing. Expect everything.”

New Noise Magazine premiere of “Liberty is in the Streets”:

“…it can be hard for us to work in short forms these days as our music seems to demand a lot of room to breathe, but I think this rather accurately distills the spirit of the band within a five-minute limit.”

Sunrise Ocean Bender:

“…big and formidable, but not in a crushing claustrophobic way. They seem to be a solar sparking incendiary crust that’s formed around space.”

“The Myrrors’ concern seems to be the attainment not of perfection but expression; each song, whether four or twenty minutes long, encapsulates a mood, an idea, or a place and sets fire to it – complete with everything you’d expect (improvised guitar, free form and eclectic rhythms, chants, chimes, horns, pulsing strings and organs) – to see what we can see within it.”

REVOLT OF THE APES Band of the week:
“As the forty-two minute journey unfolds, it becomes abundantly clear that The Myrrors are simply one of the most compelling bands on the planet at the moment.”