Prana Crafter


Prana Crafter’s Beyond Beyond is Beyond debut is an electric woods walk. “Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice” rambles, soars and flows through a heavy fog of psychedelia. The music of Prana Crafter is most easily tagged “acid folk” but such a reduction misses the electronic and avant influences, the boggy atmospheres and synthesized meditations.

Like the forests that creator William Sol roams in rural Washington state, Prana Crafter’s music is both familiar and ever-changing. Without pledging devotion to any one, Sol invokes great spirits of the past with acoustic and electric guitars, synths, and hand drums. Not so much an album as it is a channeling, “Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice” needs to be heard by the third ear.

Fans of Six Organs of Admittance, Popol Vuh, John Fahey’s late-60s experimental side, and slightly melted third generation audience tapes of 72-74-era Dead will find their new favorite modern alchemist when they give “Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice” a spin.

– Jeff Conklin (WFMU)


Released under the “psychedelic wellspring Beyond Beyond is Beyond… it is certainly an example of psych-folk at its finest…Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice is dank with the moss of the best burrowed forest psych – bubbling acoustic strums in a vat of ozone-scummed guitar… It’s psych-folk for all intents and purposes, but bigger and more affecting than any one genre can conjure…even as a one-man band he’s pushed this into territories once occupied by heavy improv psych masters ¬– Popul Vuh, Träd, Gräs & Stenar, Amon Düül II.” – Raven Sings the Blues

“the album is somewhere between a meditation soundtrack and Led Zeppelin’s “Battle of Evermore…. While it may be a bit intense for actual meditation, Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice is a spiritual tribute to the classic psych rock gods.” – Bandcamp


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