Ancient Ocean


“Ancient Ocean exist within the deepest realms of deep listening, droning soundscapes both ambient and astral in nature, weaved together with a sense of a serpentine stream of consciousness. The music of Ancient Ocean brings forth a certain set of emotions – pleasantly-puzzling, stimulating, and enthusiastic emotions, brought about by a warm exploration of individuals slowing time. The individual slowing time in this case is J.R. Bohannon, the sea-worthy steward of the Ancient Ocean sound.” – Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes

After a steady run of superb CDr and cassette EP releases, Ancient Ocean’s first long-player Blood Moon is due out June 30th on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records on vinyl, CD and digital download. The LP format has given J.R. the space he needs to stretch out and fully realize his sprawling soundscapes; four songs over 41 minutes featuring Jonas Reinhardt and Mark Demolar (of Woodsman) on the title track and J.S. Aurelius (of Destruction Unit) and Aaron Martin on the expansive “Beargrass Creek.”


NOISEY Track Premiere:

“Ancient Ocean is all about synth, lightly textured drones, and the wide-open spaces in between.”


“If I could predict how music would sound like in the 22nd century, it would sound something like this. It’s the soundtrack that exists past our solar system, a sublime heaviness blanketed in drone and layered synthesizers. Aural utopia.”

IMPOSE: “The movements gradually move about the astral plane as humankind looks deep into the sequences of stars, and the odd — yet natural — formation of planets for all the answers and questions that we do not possess.”


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