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Our Solar System is a large music collective, a floating crowd of people, where everyone who wants to be part of creating within these cosmic frames is welcome. Our Solar System live is an evolving collective. As long as they are ten planets, they play. Each musician represents a planet, including the asteroid belt and Pluto, and OSS dress in identical outfits adorned with planetary symbols to highlight the concept’s power over the individual. This debut album was recorded live one hot summer afternoon in the amphitheater at Raven mountain in Vårberg, Sweden and one cold November night at a magical party in an old movie theater in Kärrtorp. For those who want to compare this work with other musical journeys, one can draw parallels to Alice Coltrane, Pärsson Sound, Sigur Rós, Can and early Pink Floyd. The planets involved so far also play in bands like Dungen, Life on Earth!, The Amazing, Promise And The Monster, Lisa o Piu, Me and My Kites, Siri Karlsson, AnnaMy, Vox Vulgaris and others.

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“In space, no one can hear you scream – but the space inhabited by Our Solar System (an interplanetary collective including Dungen’s Mattias Gustavsson) proves that you can be heard to sing, dance, improvise, jam and otherwise create a joyful, cosmic explosion of sound.” – Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes

“Our Solar System is another one of these mysterious musical collectives from Scandinavia that makes crazy awesome music seemingly from outer space. In this case, that’s just about the point of it: there are apparently 10 musicians each representing a planet (Pluto gets the nod here) & the asteroid belt of, well, our solar system. Each track is as varied as the heavenly bodies themselves – sometimes funky/groovy, sometimes rocking, sometimes way, way out there. Recorded live and, I believe, mostly improvised, this album is space jams at their most literal.” – Jam Base

“At no moment does the album give way to chaos, a tempting trend among musicians aiming for compositional freedom. After all, the music suffers when too much is communicated at once. Perhaps this is the real gem of truth that propels Our Solar System. Or maybe it’s just the document of a fun party that the locked groove at the end of the record ensures will never end.” – New City

“I really love listening to music that makes me think ‘what on earth did I just listen to?!’, and this is certainly the case here. The album continues the outer space theme with tracks like Mars and Merkurius, and you’ll certainly feel like you’re hearing music from outer space. I can’t explain Our Solar System, you just have to hear it for yourself.” – Amazing Radio

“Our Solar System create linear space-jams harnessing the rhythmic supremacy of Can while relaying a jazz-like experimental quality summarizing the best parts of Miles Davis’ early 70’s jazz-funk, the outsider fumes of 60’s deviants the Godz and the extreme outer reaches of interstellar noise that their fellow countrymen Pärsson Sound examined during the late 60’s.” – Mondo Kim’s

“The prerequisite with Vart Solsystem, which was recorded live over the span of two nights in Stockholm, is to listen to it all the way through with no interruptions. All of the tracks lead seamlessly into one another, creating the sense that this is all one whirlwind journey through space—some kind of quick guided tour that stops at each planet for photo ops and bathroom breaks.” – Audio Femme

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