Primitive Air


Drew Piraino was born and raised in Baltimore where he played bass and piano in post-rock band Sonna in the early 2000s. The band released a few records via Temporary Residence, which is how Drew met Emil Amos (Grails) and Jefre Cantu Ledesma (Tarentel). Drew spent a year living in East Africa in 2005 where he wrote a bunch of folk tunes on guitar, tenor banjo and dulcimer that would be released as a full-length on Secret Eye Records under the moniker, The Big Huge. Then Drew moved to Brooklyn and later started his Psychic Troubles tape label in 2013. Drew reconnected in Brooklyn with Jefre and Emil while he was working on some guitar and synth instrumentals and asked if they would want to back him up in the studio. Drew had played on Jefre’s “In Summer” and was starting work on his “On the Echoing Green” LP at the Mexican Summer studio, Gary’s Electric. Drew booked time there for the Primitive Air session as well and the three knocked it out in two days. Drew moved to Kingston, NY in 2016 and shared these magical recordings with Beyond Beyond is Beyond in 2017. And now we share the pure magic of Primitive Air’s 4-song “Creation Hymn” with you. Are you sitting comfortably?

Fans of Popol Vuh, Heldon and similar headiness shall certainly rejoice in these jams.


“With a song title like “Mountain Visions” to close out the album, you know you’re in good hands. Don’t ask questions, just give in to sounds below. This is a sick release from some heavy hitters of the experimental ambient/drone world.”


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