Velcro Lewis Group


Funk rock occultists, The Velcro Lewis Group bring the harmonies of Motown, the groove of Stax, the drugs of Hawkwind, and the drive of Bohannon to their own LSD-laced barbecue of sound.

Led by blind frontman, Velcro Lewis–along with 5-octave range singing drummer Hawk Colman, soul-injected guitarist Travers Gauntt, groove-hammering bassist Halden Spoonwood, and sonic menace Lawrence Peters on electric washboard and bass vocals–The Velcro Lewis Group seamlessly create ass-kicking future-funk rock n’ roll. All aboard the spaceship Impala.


“It’s got guts, piss, vinegar and a driving momentum that somehow calls to mind the gallop and attitude of Alice Cooper’s Return of the Spiders and that windowofpuritythat was blissfully grimy, snotty and just a touch glammy in the right spots. Open the Sky hits the spot in more places than one. Both ass-kicking future-funk rock n’ roll and a damn good time that’s not afraid to shout about how long ago it really started.” – Sunrise Ocean Bender

“Conceived as a complete album, in the classic album sense, the record starts with the smoking, love-gone-wrong blues rocker “Bernadette” (not a nod to the Four Tops classic–I asked) and builds and builds into a trippy journey before culminating in the to the sprawling, heavy psychedelics of closing epic, “The Occulus of the Winged Man.”” – Chicago Music

“…in pointing to the Velcro Lewis Group’s impressive cohesiveness, the album did kinda register as a calling card for an act whose well-oiled assurance would very likely set a tightly-packed club ablaze. And that’s what makes Open the Sky such a striking follow-up. If White Magick Summer presented a band with a firm handle on their sound, the gains in both songwriting and studio ingenuity found on this trim new LP are a surprising and very welcome turn of events.” – The Vinyl District

“A Chicago band led by a blind frontman and a singing drummer, think the party-hearty-Marty funk rock sounds of Rare Earth, think George Clinton’s P-funk if the ‘P’ stood for Pilsner, think… actually, don’t think, just listen. Free your mind and your etc etc etc..’” – Classic Rock Magazine


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