“It’s the epic title track that carries the whole thing, making One Step Behind another step beyond for these Peoples.” The WIRE

“New Jersey rockers’ fresh-minted productivity sends them outwards and upwards.” MOJO

“…an expansive, exploratory collection dubbed One Step Behind that opens with a 32-minute title track.” Relix

“Garcia Peoples may wear their influences on their sleeves, but over three albums they have evolved into one of the most exciting bands on this planet.” Echoes and Dust

“I can’t predict where the band goes from here, but standing on the precipice of this release I can only imagine they’re going to completely tear down what it means to be a jam/psych/choogle/rock band in 2019 and rebuild it in their own image.” Raven Sings The Blues

“One Step Behind takes a giant step forward, right off the edge and into the unknown.” Dusted

“One Step Behind sees Garcia Peoples continuing their rapid, curious evolution. That the band can take such a huge leap from their previous material in such a short period of time points to an even more radical exploration of what’s to come.” AllMusic

“…there’s more than a little Grateful Dead in their sound, along with a general love of ’60s West Coast psych, but you can hear homestate heroes The Feelies and Yo La Tengo in what they do too.” Brooklyn Vegan

“Quite simply this collection is up there with anything that has been touched by the hand of the psychedelic geniuses such as Syd Barrett, Arthur Lee and Jimi Hendrix.” GigSlutz

“Whereas a lot of so-called modern psychedelia has taken the wall-of-noise approach to mind expansion, bludgeoning the third eye open, Garcia Peoples are navigating a more subtle yet no less exciting route to musical revelation. One Step Behind is a doozy in this respect…” Prog Magazine

“Fans of the first two records will have their minds blown by what they hear on One Step Behind. Now the only question that remains is, where will Garcia Peoples possibly go to from here?” Record Crates United

“…one of the true mind-blowing epics of 2019.” Uproxx